Ayekah (אייכה) - ארי גולדוואג - לייב

ארי גולדוואג

האזן לכל הפלייליסט

This is my English translation of Shuli Rand's powerful song 'Ayekah.'

Master of the world
If we can speak openly
So many times I lack strength
don't know how to just be
Where can I hide, What can I claim, what can I say?
I grope in the darkness, looking for my way

Compassionate one
You know so well
I'm just a Jew who is trying
To get along by myself
Fighting sadness, hopelessness and shame
The joy is gone, I'm left without a name

Voices from the past
whisper, "don't give up"
but I grope in the darkness
and try to be enough
and I ask, and I plead...

Ayeh, Ayeka. Where are you?

That same old foolish king
still sends arrows my way
I stumble and I fall,
while he gets stronger every day
sweet soul don't cry
over this broken wing
If you let my shame be known
I'd lose everything

When the secrets of the past
ask me to stop once more
I still grope in the darkness, oh so unsure
and I ask, and I plead...

Ayeh, Ayeka. Where are you?

In the end of the day
I will be washed up at the shore
the earth's loving embrace
will take me back once more
Then I won't hide, I'll make my claim and I will say
how I groped in the darkness, searching for my way
as I asked, as I longed, as I pleaded

הבא בתור