Chanukah Light (אור החנוכה) - ארי גולדוואג

ארי גולדוואג

האזן לכל הפלייליסט

Composition and Lyrics by Ari Goldwag
Music and Vocals arranged and performed by Ari Goldwag
Guitars by Avi Singolda

Walking in the darkness, sorrow all around
Looking for some joy, for a hopeful sound
Just when I start to give up, seems there's nothing there
A little glow appears, shining from nowhere

Chanukah light burns so bright
Lifts my soul raises my sights
Chanukah light feels so right
Eight small flames shining through the night

The darkness starts to lift now, help is on its way
Hopelessness is starting to fade away
I lift my eyes to heaven where my help is from
The light, now, from the flames shines for everyone


The light is piercing through the darkness
Shining 'til forever
There's hope and love and brotherhood
That's bringing us together
Open up your heart, make a brand new start
Chanukah's the time to take part


הבא בתור